Advances in Plastics


There have been considerable advances in the plastics industry with new plastic resins in development. Two resins that really resonate are COP and COC, Cyclo Olefin Polymers and Cyclo Olefin Copolymers. These new resins are remarkable for their low density, high transparency, high heat resistance, high chemical resistance, and low water and protein absorption properties when compared to older resins such as polypropylene and polyethylene. When comparing these resins to glass you have a lightweight, shock resistant, and delamination free product. These qualities make them an excellent choice for pharmaceutical packaging. These advanced plastic resins represent a step forward in the plastics market to packaging with remarkable optical clarity, excellent barrier properties and varied sterilization options.


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About the Author : Christopher Petrosh

Christopher is a recent graduate of Rutgers University with a bachelor’s in business administration. Chris worked in technology retail while attending college. There he gained experience in providing customers’ solutions which he can translate to helping our customers find the best solution for their application. Chris’ main focus at WHEATON is glass and plastic bottles and closures, instrumentation and cell culture for both research and packaging applications.

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