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What is a Liquid Scintillation Vial?

  Liquid Scintillation Counting is an analytical technique which measures the activity of radionuclides in a sample by the rate of light photons emitted by a sample. By measuring the amount and intensity by which a sample emits photons, it is possible to identify and quantify the radioisotopes present in a sample. As we all […]

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Why is Particulate Cleaning So Important?

  As the number of injectable drugs given to patients each year increases, so does the concern about potential particulate matter that can be found in the drug.  Particulate matter in injections is defined as extraneous, mobile, undissolved particles, unintentionally present in the end product (2).  These contaminants can come from several sources such as […]

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What Is A Clean Room And What Are They Used For?

  Pharmaceutical packaging stores thousands of different medications and solutions each year. Some of these products are extremely volatile and sensitive to contamination, so they must be placed into the cleanest packages possible. To ensure this cleanliness, these packaging products are assembled and packed in clean rooms. Clean rooms are certified by the International Standards […]

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Advances in Dosage Compliance

  “According to the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council, pharmaceutical noncompliance is a tremendous problem in the U.S. – ‘Estimated annual costs [associated with] patients not taking their medications approaches $300 billion. It is also estimated that 125,000 Americans die annually (342 people every day) due to poor medication adherence and 10 – 25 percent of […]

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