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Rapid and Reliable Testing with WHEATON Dropping Bottle and Extended Dropping Assembly

An aliquot of blood is collected with a glass pipette and dispensed into a collection plate or well plate. An aliquot of assay buffer is then dispensed by a plastic dropping bottle and mixed with the blood sample. In most cases, a Wheaton (LDPE) dropping bottle with extended dropping assembly is used to provide accurate and reproducible results. Then rests for a set period of time, and the results are recorded.


PRODUCT: Dropping Bottle and Extended Dropping Assembly

Wheaton (LDPE) dropping bottles with extended dropping assemblies are designed to produce accurate and reproducible drop sizes. Due to the angled cut-out of the dropping tip, liquid samples are dispensed in droplet form one drop at a time allowing for error-free sample dispensing. The dropping bottles are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) which is a thermoplastic with high chemical resistance to acids, alcohols, bases, esters, aldehydes and ketones. The volumes range from 1-125mL and the available extended dropping assemblies are 18μL, 25μL, 55μL and 62.5μL.


BENEFIT/CONCLUSION: Error-Free Dispensing of Assay Buffers

When using blood testing kits, it is critical to utilize packaging components that are manufactured with high quality so accurate test results are produced. The assay buffer should be stored in a (LDPE) dropping bottle equipped with an extended controlled dropping assembly so accurate and reproducible drops are generated. Since WHEATON dropping bottles are equipped with a unique extended controlled dropping assembly, it allows for error-free dispensing of the assay buffer and accurate test results.

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About the Author : Jeffrey Reid

A member of the scientific community for 10 years, Jeffrey Reid earned his chemistry degree from the University of Delaware. Jeff has also worked on the development of sub-micron particles for HPLC columns, and earned an M.B.A. in Marketing from Goldey-Beacom College. Jeff worked as a Product Manager at BUCHI Corporation, specializing in laboratory technologies and techniques, such as pressurized solvent extraction (PSE), automated solvent extraction and solid phase extraction (SPE). Currently Jeff works at WHEATON Industries as a Global Market Manager, where his main focus is finding solutions for customers in the pharmaceutical market.

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