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Tips from the Glass Room: All About Vials

Vials are small glass or plastic bottles used for storage.  Depending on supplier they can be made of amber or clear glass, plastic, with or without markings and in various configurations of features and sizes. Vials can be used for media, diagnostic, storage, display and sample collection applications.  There are different mouth and cap styles to accommodate […]

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The Benefits of Safety Coated Bottles

Laboratory accidents happen. Unfortunately, glass is one of the most common materials susceptible to breaking, and is used in every laboratory. Considering the vast amount of hazardous materials handled in laboratories today, there is a significant health and safety risk associated with broken laboratory containers and glassware. While broken glass presents some very serious dangers, […]

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How To Protect Products from Light: Colored Glass

  Glass comes in a variety of colors, from clear glass windows to amber beer bottles. Colored glass is important because it protects its contents from the damaging effects of light. The harmful types of light are primarily light with wavelengths from 290 to 450nm. Blocking these specific wavelengths prevents the contents of a container […]

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Tips from the Glass Room: USP Type I vs. Type III Glass

Pharmaceutical glass containers are classified by a common standard set by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). This standard regulates the chemical composition and chemical durability of the glass, or the glass’ ability to resist attack by the contents of the container. The two types of glass react differently when exposed to solutions and vapors depending […]

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Annealed Glass

Tips from the Glass Room: What is Annealing?

Guess what? You are already very familiar with annealed glass. From light bulbs to drinking glasses, wine bottles to windshields, you’re surrounded by annealed glass every, single day. Also, if you collect glass art like vases or sculptures, they are annealed too. When a glass product is created, whether a glass beaker, vial or bottle, […]

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Group of Glass

Tips from the Glass Room: Are All Glass Bottles the Same?

There are many different types of glass. They differ in terms of their chemical composition, the method used to produce them or their processing behavior. Generally, they are categorized according to their chemical composition. The three types of glass (soda-lime glass, lead glass and borosilicate glass) make up around 95 percent of the cullet glass […]

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