Dosys Laboratory Syringes for Easy Liquid Distribution


Many laboratory technicians are familiar with the use of Cornwall Syringes. The Cornwall syringe is used when many repetitions of filling a syringe to the same volume is needed. It is a manual device that has a two-way valve that attaches to both the syringe and the solution to be drawn into the syringe. Each time the grip is released, the syringe fills with solution. Each time the grip is compressed, the syringe volume is expelled.

WHEATON offers three models of syringes that offer more versatility than the Cornwall Syringes.

The first model is the Dosys Basic Syringe. This model permits fill by fill through a needle or cannula. There is no valve system. The second model is the Dosys Classic Syringe. This model features automatic self-refilling and an integrated valve system. The last model is the Dosys Premium Syringe. It is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, and features both automatic self-refilling and a detachable valve system. It is important to note that all Dosys Syringes have a Luer Lock nozzle similar to Cornwall Syringes. All models of Dosys Syringes are available in either a pistol grip handle or two ring handle for personal preference and comfort.

The Dosys Syringes have the following advantages:

  • Larger volume range and more models to choose from
  • No part to disassemble and re-assemble prior start working
  • Much easier maintenance for disassembling and cleaning
  • Autoclavable fully assembled
  • Readily available spare parts

Dosys Syringes are available in different sizes ranging from 1 to 20mL. As a rule, select a syringe whose capacity is the next size larger than the volume to be measured. For example, a 5mL syringe should be selected to measure 3.7mL, or a 10mL syringe to measure 7mL. In this way, the graduation marks on the syringe will be in the smallest possible increments for the volume measured.

For more information on Dosys Syringes, please view the video below.

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