Want Maximum Sample Recovery and Minimal Sample Waste?

High Recovery Vials

Companies manufacturing millions of doses of a liquid product each year face significant loss of product due to overfilling. Overfilling occurs when excess liquid must be added to a container to ensure accurate volumes are dispensed. This is a major concern for pharmaceutical companies that manufacture drugs and sell them in single or multi-dose containers for end-user administration to patients.

One solution to this problem is the use of a conical bottom vial, also known as a High Recovery Vial (HRV). HRVs are designed to ensure maximum sample recovery and reduce waste by up to 99.1%.

For more information on High Recovery Vials, please view the video below.

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About the Author : Jackie Williams

Jackie has a dual role at WHEATON. She serves as both a Product Manager for Liquid Handling and a Content Strategist for all WHEATON products. She has worked in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and chemical industries prior to joining WHEATON. Her educational background includes a B.S. in chemistry from Ursinus College and an MBA from Rutgers University. Jackie brings products to market with insight gained from hands-on experience.

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