How to Find the Perfect Match for your Containers


The safe storage and transport of your valuable products is our primary concern here at Wheaton. Whether or not you use one of our many high quality containers to do so, our goal is to keep you as educated as possible to make the right choices for your products. While choosing the right container for your specific needs is paramount, any container is useless without the right closure. However, finding the closure that is a perfect match for your container isn’t always as easy as matching your socks. Since the screw closure industry has yet to standardize dimensions to the degree that the container industry has, it is important to understand the different screw styles and dimensions and how to tell them apart. The closure dimensions are known as the “T” Dimensions which represent the inner diameter or the closure opening. The thread style is known as the “H” dimensions which represents the depth of the screw closure from the liner surface to the outside edge of the closure. The two dimensions are read together as “T”-“H”. So if you are measuring a container with 20mm inner diameter and a 400 type screw thread, that containers finish would read “20-400”.

Now that you know what each dimension represents, try using our Closure Size & Thread Style Guide to figure out which closure types you use and let us know which size/style you use most frequently!


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Marc Menickella earned his bachelor’s degree in communication studies and marketing from The College of New Jersey. As Associate Product Manager for WHEATON, Marc's main focus is glass and plastic vials for both research and packaging applications. In addition, with his experience in social media marketing, Marc manages WHEATON’s social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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