What Is A Clean Room And What Are They Used For?

  Pharmaceutical packaging stores thousands of different medications and solutions each year. Some of these products are extremely volatile and sensitive to contamination, so they must be placed into the cleanest packages possible. To ensure this cleanliness, these packaging products are assembled and packed in clean rooms. Clean rooms are certified by the International Standards […]

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How To Protect Products from Light: Colored Glass

  Glass comes in a variety of colors, from clear glass windows to amber beer bottles. Colored glass is important because it protects its contents from the damaging effects of light. The harmful types of light are primarily light with wavelengths from 290 to 450nm. Blocking these specific wavelengths prevents the contents of a container […]

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Tips from the Glass Room: Understanding Glassware Properties for Lab & Pharma Applications

Every day – in labs around the globe – scientists pick up, put down (and sometimes drop!) lab glassware. But what they are really thinking about is what’s inside the glassware – not the properties of glass. Scientists know their lab glassware, from reagent bottles and funnels to beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks and beyond. Glass – […]

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Advances in Dosage Compliance

  “According to the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council, pharmaceutical noncompliance is a tremendous problem in the U.S. – ‘Estimated annual costs [associated with] patients not taking their medications approaches $300 billion. It is also estimated that 125,000 Americans die annually (342 people every day) due to poor medication adherence and 10 – 25 percent of […]

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Tips from the Glass Room: USP Type I vs. Type III Glass

Pharmaceutical glass containers are classified by a common standard set by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). This standard regulates the chemical composition and chemical durability of the glass, or the glass’ ability to resist attack by the contents of the container. The two types of glass react differently when exposed to solutions and vapors depending […]

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Blood Testing Made Easy

Rapid and Reliable Testing with WHEATON Dropping Bottle and Extended Dropping Assembly An aliquot of blood is collected with a glass pipette and dispensed into a collection plate or well plate. An aliquot of assay buffer is then dispensed by a plastic dropping bottle and mixed with the blood sample. In most cases, a Wheaton (LDPE) dropping bottle […]

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Choosing the Correct Cap Liner

When choosing the correct container, experts typically know exactly what they are looking for and what they require for their applications. However, when choosing the closure, one small detail is often overlooked. The liner of a closure may seem like an insignificant matter, but it serves a very important purpose; to maintain the integrity of the container-cap […]

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Are You Certain Your Pharmaceutical Products Aren’t Counterfeit?

In the pharmaceutical packaging industry, the number one concern is the health and safety of customers. However, with the recent trend of an increased presence of counterfeit drugs circulating through the market, this task isn’t so easy. A medical product is counterfeit when there is a false representation in relation to its identity or source. […]

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4 Steps to Master Reverse Pipetting

What is reverse pipetting? Do you know how it can help you pipetting certain types of samples? First for those who are not familiar with it. Pipettes have two stops. The first is generally used to aspirate liquid into the pipette, and the second stop ensures the entire volume is purged. About Reverse Pipetting Reverse […]

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Bullseye Accuracy vs Precision

Accuracy vs. Precision . . . Know the Difference?

I never really thought about this until I became the product manager for pipettes. I had been using the terms synonymously in conversation to describe measurement errors. However in statistical calculations, regulations and pipetting, these two terms have different and very distinct meanings. Accuracy refers to the deviation of a measurement from a standard or true […]

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