The Importance of Particulate Cleaning

  As the number of injectable drugs given to patients each year increases, so does the concern about potential particulate matter that can be found in the drug.  Particulate matter in injections is defined as extraneous, mobile, undissolved particles, unintentionally present in the end product (2).  These contaminants can come from several sources such as […]

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Are You Certain Your Pharmaceutical Products Aren’t Counterfeit?

In the pharmaceutical packaging industry, the number one concern is the health and safety of customers. However, with the recent trend of an increased presence of counterfeit drugs circulating through the market, this task isn’t so easy. A medical product is counterfeit when there is a false representation in relation to its identity or source. […]

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Packaging Component

How to Reduce the Amount of Pyrogenic Substances in Your Packaging Components

Do you know how to reduce the amount of pyrogenic substances in your packaging components?  Our Global Market Manager, Jeffrey Reid, can help you in our new white paper! Packaging components used in pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices are scrupulously cleaned before use to ensure patient safety.  Regulators expect drug manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with […]

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