We’ve Got “Clean” Down to a Science

istock vials and ampules

When packaging volatile parenteral products, it is crucial that the container in which the products are being packaged is pristine. However, not everyone fully understands the lengthy and complicated processes a container must go through in order to be deemed “worthy”. Luckily, here at WHEATON, we have done our homework and know the ins and outs of these required procedures and are generously sharing them with you!

To learn more about these processes and requirements, check out our latest article published on PharmaceuticalManufacturing.com

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About the Author : Marc Menickella

Marc Menickella earned his bachelor’s degree in communication studies and marketing from The College of New Jersey. As Associate Product Manager for WHEATON, Marc's main focus is glass and plastic vials for both research and packaging applications. In addition, with his experience in social media marketing, Marc manages WHEATON’s social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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